We are a 501c3 non-profit organization but we are more than that. We aren't just a logo, this is more than just a picture, this is a connection, this is a band of brothers. All with the same outlook and fight for this beautiful city. All different men, different religions, different creeds, different lives. But when we come together we come together all the same. We are all equal here in the Beardedvillains Chicago Chapter, no one standing taller than the next. We help lift each other up, our city up, our Beardedvillains brothers up. Each one of us plays an intricate part in what we do. We are all family, brothers!! This chapter keeps growing and we make sure each and every one of us grows with it. This chapter has always prided itself on its ability to conform, adapt, and move in the direction it needs to go. This city is our mission, this city is our home!! There are plenty of other cities out there just like Chicago, but the difference is this is Chicago. Some may be similar but there's only one. CHICAGO